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The Indigenous Roadmap aims to provide the following outcomes:

  • Reconciliation of Australia.

  • Stronger engagement with Indigenous people in the representation of their cultures in galleries and museums.

  • Increase Indigenous voices and Indigenous stories.

  • Provide Indigenous people with the opportunity to connect across institutions and sectors.

  • Deeper and more representative range of Indigenous arts and culture will provide audiences will more entry points to experiences and learning - invite diverse participation.

  • Institutions will develop a better understanding of their collections, staff, and programs – the Roadmap will reveal options for activities that support more mature content and exhibition policies and protocols.

  • Improve jobs, income and economic development.

  • Substantially improve Indigenous training, employment and leadership pathways. Including meeting job targets.

  • Enable the creation of culturally safe spaces.

  • Diversify Indigenous participation in museums and galleries – as collaborators, consultants, employees and audience.

  • Improve levels of engagement of Indigenous communities in the cultural sector.

  • Help drive the revitalisation of some Indigenous communities and strengthen relationships between volunteer run smaller galleries and museums and their local areas as well as guide and inspire larger institutions.

  • Audiences will benefit from richer and more authentic collections, education.

  • Visitor programs and exhibitions; deeper emotional and intellectual engagement with art, history and continuing cultures; stronger museums, galleries and art centres with connections to local communities.

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